Beat the leaks in your homes and offices

Non-Revenue Water is a well-known global problem, causing large volumes of water, which is a finite resource, to be lost.

It is also a concrete challenge faced by water utilities every day, as a consequence of increasing urbanisation and demand, price increases and ageing distribution mains.

Luckily, technological development and increased knowledge about the distribution network provide new possibilities for reducing water loss.

At EmhedPlus Ltd, Non-Revenue Water is not something we just talk about. We are busy introducing solutions that help utilities to reduce their water loss. And we believe that smart metering is an important tool in the fight to beat the leak.

Smart metering lights up your distribution network and is a constant source of information about what goes on. Having the right knowledge at the right time makes it much more efficient and much easier to reduce Non-Revenue Water – for the benefit of the environment, the consumers and the utility's bottom line.


Inaccurate Mechanical Meters

A mechanical meter is often less accurate and has a higher start flow than an ultrasonic meter just as its accuracy diminishes over time. Therefore, more water is consumed but not billed.

Contrary to a mechanical meter, an ultrasonic meter has no moving parts and it maintains its pinpoint accuracy throughout its lifetime. Installing ultrasonic meters will therefore limit the unbilled and unmetered consumption.

Incorrect Manual Meter Reading

Reading your meters manually is both time consuming and error-prone. It lowers your data quality and makes it more difficult for you to work with Non-Revenue Water. 

Remote reading allows you to eliminate misreadings, time consuming follow-ups and estimated calculations. As you get data more often, you can increase the interval of your water balance from yearly to monthly or even daily. This lets you evaluate your improvements and discover problems immediately and not just once a yea


Even though leaks after the meter aren’t strictly Non-Revenue Water, it is still water loss. The smart meter automatically sends out an alarm in case of a leak or a burst in the home to help you increase your customer service and limit the water loss.


Smart meters transmit intelligent alarms that let you discover attempts of and other tampering irregularities quickly and efficiently.

If you read your meters remotely, you either get the information when an alarm is triggered or as soon as you read your meters via drive by.

Unmetered Water Use

Different kinds of Non-Revenue Water need to be dealt with in different ways. With smart metering, you can distinguish between real losses (leakages) and apparent losses (metering inaccuracies and unmetered consumption) pr. district in your supply area. Then you can easily eliminate the unmetered water use at for example construction sites.


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