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The comprehensive range of KLR DTHR 300 drilling rig offered by us is widely used in DTH cum Rotary drilling drilling rig which is suitable for hole dia 6.5” (continuous), 9”, 10” and 12”(over burden) by DTH Drilling and 8”(Continuous),12 ¼ & 16”(Reaming) by Rotary Drilling up to a depth of 300 meters. These truck mounted rigs use power from truck engine through transfer gear box to ensure better performance. The rig has a box type structure with excellent rod handling capacity. The pull-up and pull-down functions are performed by means of hydraulic cylinder and wire rope in the equipment. We offer our products with additional attachments like welding machine, 6” x 8”mud pump.

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Motorized Well-Vu with 15" DVCC and Fisheye Camera‌ 

A full turn key system including the new 15 inch digital video control console (DVCC) and Quad Plus camera head.

Item Specification Cable Length: 1000 feet, 1250 feet, 1500 feet Detachable Camera Specs: 1-1/2" OD, high resolution, 1 lux, 1/3" CCD, 550 line resolution Quad Plus Camera Specs: 4 side cameras with 180° fisheye lenses. 1 Downview camera with a 90° standard lens. Cameras are 550 lines of resolution color cameras Light Source: 18 LED white lights emitted at a 22° angle to eliminate problems with particle reflection Power Source: 12 VDC DVCC: Digital Video Command Console, 7" or 15" Video Out: Standard NTSC format Clamp-On OSD: (On-Screen Display Encoder) feet or meters display Data GPS: On board GPS chip that can overlay GPS data Shipping Weight: 1000 (200 lbs), 1250 (225 lbs), 1500 (250 lbs) Ships via motor freight

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Discover what you will be able to do with Anima according to your favorite sport Points of reference: Mark and edit waypoints during your outings Data fields: Personalize on the screen the fields that you really need Trackback: Retrace your steps, following the track back the other way More than 80 alarms: Receive alerts when you exceed limits set by yourself LONG LIFE FOR THE ANIMA Replaceable battery or extra battery The Anima GPS boasts 12 hours of battery life which can be extended by using a replaceable 1.430 mAh lithium-ion battery or a convenient AA battery accessory. In the event of an emergency it can last up to 22 hours thanks to its Survival function. Request Callback


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